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Day 4: Priming (30m)

Before riveting it is recommended that you prime the metal wherever two parts will touch. The thinking is that there is a small danger of corrosion at the joins where substances could possibly get between the two surfaces. I toyed…

Day 3: Rudder Skeleton Deburring (20m)

Left work early today to get ready for my trip to the UK tomorrow. Got home, saw the pieces on the bench and couldn’t resist doing a little deburring. I tried using a flat file but didn’t seem to be doing too well so switched to a large drill bit instead – a quarter turn seemed to do the trick.

Day 2: Rudder: Skeleton Assembly (2h 30m)

Day 2: Attach rudder horn to bottom rib; drill and cleco bottom rib to spar; installed rear ribs 2, 3, 4, and the nose rib; drilled bent stip and attached it and the tip rib to the spar. Rudder skeleton fully assembled. 2h 30m

Rudder on the Way

The rudder is on it’s way! Estimated delivery is July 12. Got a lot of prep work to do in the garage before we can get started.