Wrapping and Door Cleanup

Today I worked a little on the underside of the plane. First I wrapped the access cover

Wrapping the access cover

and then the large section of the fuselage where it sits.

Under section wrapped

Hmm as I type this I wonder if I should have done the access cover in red. Well, done now.

While in Tokyo, I did a lot of reading about how to clean the glue off the plastic and decided that despite the warnings I would continue with the alcohol. If the windows crack or otherwise become unusable I would not have lost anything, they are unusable now.

Being over 100 degrees I took the doors home and via a combination of WD-40 to get rid of paper pieces still stuck on, and the alcohol to take off the glue I was able to get them almost completely clear. The few specks that are left can be done over time, they don’t interfere with the view.

I was left with some white smears but some use of the Novus 2 scratch remover polish seemed to buff that out so I’m confident they will end up looking ok. Here’s a picture of the door I posted last time

Cleaned up door

It was close to 105 in the hangar on Sunday so my plans were cut short as it was just too miserable laying underneath the plane and working upwards. I did get one panel wrapped and was then able to install the new transponder antenna.

More wrapping and antenna install

I was about to call it a day but I noticed that I was still several screws short in the centre console so I put those in

Centre console secured

This went a long way to securing the whole thing. Before when using the fuel selector the whole thing moved a bit. Now it is close to rock solid.

Next weekend is a long weekend and I have the Friday off as well. With some early starts I think I can get the doors trimmed to fit inside the frame and after that, the plane is ready for inspection application. Scary thought.