Day 32: Completion of Left Inboard Flaperon (1hr 15m)

Not much left to do on the flaperon today. During the week I had ordered more anti-corrosion protectant and so the first order of the day was to apply that where I had run out the previous weekend. Once dry I reassembled the skin and the ribs and riveted the top side of the flaperon.

Teri came out and helped me fold the nose skin over and while we were doing so our gardener noticed our difficulty and lent his muscle to the task and we were able to get it over and clecoed into place. I don’t know why we could never get this task achieved with the ease that others reported.

With everything clecoed in place it was then just a matter of running the rivet gun over all the holes and rivets. Had to use the hand riveted on the L-angle behind the control horn but there was little that gave any resistance or difficulty.

The full rib:

The control horn:

This completes construction of the flaperons, though I still have to back and fix the control horn on the right side flaperon. I will order the replacement parts for that fairly soon. In the meantime, here are all four flaperons together: