Airport Hangar Wait Has Ended

I officially took over hangar number 2 on October 1st but it wasn’t until last Saturday that I “occupied” it. The wings (and therefore everything else) can’t go until the nose skin is bent back over so we did a ceremonial moving in by taking the bench over.

I’d used some of the bench wood to build the wing stand so we had to get some more wood on the way. It took us a little while to remember how it goes together, and I had to put the screwdriver into my thumb twice, but the bench is ready and waiting for everyone else to arrive.

Later in the day we had a pleasant treat when a reader of this here blog (ok, ok, *the* reader of this blog) paid us a visit and I got to pretend like I knew what I was doing with technical drawings and sharp tools. John acted suitably impressed and we’re hoping he might come back down next Spring and help out.