Unpacking the Crate!

Christmas came early to Marmot Aviation with the arrival of the final kits from Zenith. Everything to do with the delivery went without a hitch, no doubt because I wasn’t involved at all. So with screwdriver bit in drill, I drove the MINI to the airport and mostly parked it in the hangar.

Despite having had that plate for ages, I think it is the first time it has been on airport property. Maybe not, not sure. Anyway, here is the crate, it wouldn’t fit how I had hoped but plenty of room for it. It sure was big.

Top was in two pieces and many many screws but that’s what an electric drill is for. Soon got it open.

Zenith sure are masters of packing, and they use a lot of paper! Most important piece is on top, the envelope containing the inventory. There were 12 pages of it

First thing out of the crate was…… a box of tyres! For some reason this seemed somewhat more momentous than if it had been something metal. Not sure I have ever owned a tyre before.

From there it was just a slow and steady removal of items and putting them somewhere for inventory. That will take a while as there are a lot of small parts that I didn’t even discover yet. So here are some pictures of random items. First up, is the cabin frame, this goes at the front to form the cage for the windows and engine mount.

Getting down the crate quite well now….

This box has all the bolts, clips, whatevers for the finishing items.

Fortunately it has a key inside as I have no clue what any of those things are (and some much less what they are for!) but you just know that some day that box is going to get dropped and everything will get confused. That will be a very sad day.

What about rivets, I hear you say?! How many rivets are there to go! Lots and lots….. here are some A5s

and some A4s…

Here are the wheels, maybe I should put that box next to the box of tyres……

Talking of cool parts, here are the windows.

Here are the fuselage skins, up against the wall are l-angles, z-angles and the longerons. These are much bigger than I was expecting.

This must be the chunkiest item in the kit – the main landing gear mount, it is thick and heavy.

There are a couple of large boxes that I haven’t dug into; both were quite heavy. This one seems to have steel parts inside

and this one, well I’ll let you guess.

And then the box was empty.

I seem to say this after every new kit delivery but things are about to get serious. And complicated!