Engine Arrival!!

Last week I got a call from my brother in law asking how my day was (it was meh) and he said it was going to get better because my engine had arrived at his ex-firm’s loading bay. This was quite the shock since I didn’t know it had even shipped and I needed to let him know so he could tell the loading bay to accept delivery (they almost sent it back).

Anyway, today a delivery driver from the firm graciously showed up to the hangar with my carefully packaged engine on his truck. The crate was surprisingly small

It took a few minute to pry open the lid and inside was a very shiny looking engine (though it is hard to see in this photo through the plastic wrapping).

Hopefully this little baby will be getting me off the ground and, more importantly, keeping me up!

I had to smile when I saw this “free” hat in the box

Since I don’t know when I will get to play with the engine I thought I would at least try and enjoy the world’s most expensive free hat 🙂

Sometime this week or next week I expect the Firewall Forward Kit to arrive from Zenith which contains the mounting frame and everything else required to put the engine on and make it fly.

I didn’t do much else over the weekend. Spent some time with the Nuvite F9 polish trying to get the corrosion out of my wings. I managed to shine a very small area but the corrosion is still there. I put out a message to the Zenith forums and have received some encouraging suggestions from people who were in a similar (or worse) situation.

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