Day 5: My First Mistake

After riveting the skeleton in place I pulled out the skin and aligned it with the edge of the spar and with the pre-drilled holes against the ribs. Everything looked good until I got to the tip rib: there was…

Day 4: Priming (30m)

Before riveting it is recommended that you prime the metal wherever two parts will touch. The thinking is that there is a small danger of corrosion at the joins where substances could possibly get between the two surfaces. I toyed…

Update of Sorts

Two weeks in England and now one week at work mean there has been no physical progress on the plane but I did buy some work supplies and, more importantly, I bought the drawings and manuals making me an official builder. Oh, and the maximum weight of the plane has increased.

Day 3: Rudder Skeleton Deburring (20m)

Left work early today to get ready for my trip to the UK tomorrow. Got home, saw the pieces on the bench and couldn’t resist doing a little deburring. I tried using a flat file but didn’t seem to be doing too well so switched to a large drill bit instead – a quarter turn seemed to do the trick.