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This Blog as a Book

To celebrate ten years since I started building the plane I splashed some cash on turning this site into a set of hardcover books. I’m very impressed with how it came out, a great way to memoralise this project.

Flight 2: As if it was the first

Over a year after the first flight I finally took N750PS up for her second flight. I really thought I would have had the 40 hours flown off by the end of November but some bad weather, a few guests…

Repairman Certificate

Last weekend I set myself the goal of kickstarting my Phase 1 with a resumption of flying only to find that the airport is now closed for a month (estimated) for airport lighting improvements. No warning, no notice. Lovely. I’m…

Still Here!

Updates coming soon, I am still around and the plane is still in one piece.

First Flight – For Real!

I’ll do a full write up during the week, hopefully with video from my two cameras, but until then here’s some film Teri took from the ground. The short version is that everything was pretty good, but I still need…