Vinyl Wrapping – Wings Edition Part 2

I took a couple of days off and Allen, Scott and I were able to get the pilot wing wrapped.

Still no grommets from Zenith (thanks to a credit card hack) so we tried to install the grommet I had that was a little damaged and in the process destroyed it.

So we turned our attention to the final skins. The top one was obvious how it fit but for quite a while we had the root skin upside down scratching our heads how on earth it would ever fit. But eventually I noticed it should go up the other way and then it was obvious!

We had already covered the area where it overlaps with the bottom skin so I had to take a bunch of rivets out but we soon had it clecoed in place, drilled out all the holes.


Some deburring and priming later, the root skin was back in place and I riveted everything except the line it shares with the top skin.


I have one session left with Allen before he leaves for the summer. The plan is to install the grommets that should come this week, then put the wing back on the fuselage. Then the passenger side wing needs the root skins drilled and installed, grommets inside and it can be installed too. I’m hopeful we can make it.