Slats Trial Fit

I’ve missed the last two weekends away and I’m about to be sent back to Tokyo (hurrah!) this weekend but I did steal an hour in the hangar to mess with the slats. I have to say it was great to open the hangar door and see the wings still attached 🙂

After a little tidy up and taking care of a menacing black widow spider I got the first pair of slat parts on the bench and cut a notch to enable one to go inside the other.

Slat Notch

It took a few attempts to get them together satisfactorily, I duct taped them together and put them up to the mounting brackets. I needed a couple of goes at this to get it right (realised for the second set that I could measure the distance between brackets on the slats to set them properly) and it was a right fiddly affair to get them all clecoed to the wing.

I was about to get to the second wing when Teri arrived and with her help to move things, line them up etc it was a lot easier. After that was done I decided to redo the first one because the brackets on the mounts (whether on the left or the right) didn’t match between the two. I’m not sure that it matters a whole lot but I’m sure they need to be the same.

Slats in posittion

From here, I’ll remove the tape and rivet the two halves together, and also expand the bracket holes for the bolts. I didn’t do this today because I do want to check whether the bracket positions really do matter, and if they do that might change the overlap where the rivets go.

Ok, Arigatou and Sayōnara for now.