Slat Wrap (Pilot Side)

Over this weekend I’ve managed to sneak a few early hours in the morning before the temperatures got too crazy and, more importantly, the humidity of last weekend was gone. I tried two weekends ago and only lasted 30 minutes before I came home, I think it was up to 80%.

So while I continue tinkering with my panel wiring in the house, I decided to get the slats wrapped. I attempted this last weekend but found that I had virtually no red vinyl left, had totally forgotten that I never ordered more than a “taster” with which to do the tail.

With vinyl arrived I could start on the wrapping. But not before an epic battle with the packaging which was way too small for the roll, and the only way to get it out was to take the tubing apart one shred at a time. It took 40 minutes.

Working on my own I find I cannot manage widths longer than about 24 inches. It is just too hard to keep it from touching itself, getting stuck while working on it and so I split the slat into “between the rivet” pieces that were no wider than 26″. It took a couple of hours but when it was all done it looks not too bad.

Pilot Slat Wrapped

Well, from a distance anyway. The first couple of panels have a lot of bumps where I struggled to get it to stick down smoothly but by the end I had got my method working and now they are coming out pretty good.

The brackets needed to be wrapped and at that point I realised that we should have done the wing brackets in red but since we did them in white, the slat brackets would be white as well.

Slat Bracket Wrapping

With the slat wrapped, I put it back on the wing and installed it with the proper bolts.

Pilot Slat Wrapped

and from a different angle

Pilot Slat Wrapped

After that I took the passenger side slat off and was able to wrap all the brackets and one piece of red before my time was up for the day.

PAX Slat Wrapping Progress

It felt good to steal some time away from when I normally wouldn’t be doing anything.