6 Year Anniversary

Today marks the 6th anniversary of making the first hole in the rudder which started this crazy project. Much like with Trump’s campaign, surely someone should have stopped it before it got this far??

My build log shows 499 hours of time (which for a number of reasons is quite on the low side) but it seems like a good number to be at for an anniversary. From looking over at the panel on the right it would seem I am just shy of $64k spent so far. Other than the battery, I don’t see any major expenses left to make but like with all time estimates I’m sure that will prove wrong.

The major work items left to go are finishing the engine hookup, the equipment wiring, and the cowling. It seems to me that someone who knew what they were doing and had everything they needed on them could probably do the first two in less than a week. It is too bad that person doesn’t live nearby.

I’d like to think we can at least have first engine start, or first electrical start, before the end of the year but both seem like lofty goals at this point. I have quite a lot of time off available which should help but it is the knowledge that is lacking, not the time.

To that end, Teri and I are going to be visiting a fellow builder in Canada in August to check out his 750 build is almost done, and hopefully to look at another plane that has the same engine as me. I’m hoping that taking lots of pictures of their installs will help with the final push. I’m also eager to see Wayne’s cowling install as he has highly recommended using “Sky Bolts” rather than the supplied nutplates.

Teri and were able to spend a couple of hours in some horrible humidity yesterday morning to get the passenger side slat wrapped and installed. So this is how the plane looks right now

Slats wrapped and installed

Monsoonal weather is returning so I’m not sure how many more chances I’ll have to sneak out in the morning but maybe I can at least get the panel and wiring in at some point. Until then, enjoy your summer everyone.