Some Random Things

Lots of little things to take care of….. first up, I had ordered the missing washer thingie from the throttle attachment and it had arrived. This little thing cost $15!!! Aviation, is all I can say.

$15 part

and you know I’m going to find the original any day now. The price of carelessness.

Anyway, I reassembled the throttle cable with the correct parts (I also ordered the washer that goes on the front side)

Throttle cable attached with the correct parts at last

so now that is complete.

I removed the fuel flow sensor wires from the RDAC unit and added the resistor to the 5V port and signal line.

Resistor installed in fuel flow sender circuit

I didn’t solder the resistor to the wire, just wrapped the wire around it which I think will work. We shall see next fuel flow test, I suppose. The power line needed to go to the panel for a 12V supply so I joined a wire and routed it to the last remaining 12V connector. The sender comes with this funky connector kit for small gauge wires.

Funky way to join wires

There’s a tiny set screw in the top of the connector, you back it off, put both wires in and tighten back down. Supposed to be more reliable than crimping a regular join.

The coolant lines are awful close to the exhaust and I’ve read that many people wrap them in firesleeve to protect them from the heat. So I ordered a few feet, cut it down the middle and tied it around the coolant hoses.

Firesleeved the coolant line

One of the “reference” planes that everyone refers to as a good example uses vinyl ties and he has been flying his without issue for hundreds of hours but I think I will replace them with steel ones. The hoses also need to be tied up a little better to keep them further away from the exhaust.

I’ve already mentioned that when the passenger seat and arm rest go in it is going to be a challenge to rivet them together, and it is going to be impossible to drill out the holes to the proper size so I took care of that on the bench.

Drilling out holes in arm rest to seat base

I made sure that every hole easily took a rivet so there shouldn’t be a need to mess with them after install.

Next up, I took a first stab at routing the pitot/static tubes out of the way of my feet.

A zip tie routes the tubes up the side of the fuselage

Tubes routing

and then it is tied to the brake cable and the firewall to keep them up and into the back of the panel.

Tubes routing

The final act of the weekend was to finally label the power wires going into the panel. I’ve kept a hand written map of the wires and connectors but it is finally committed to electronic document and sticky pieces of paper.

Power panel labels

Lastly, yesterday I reapplied thread sealant to the fuel drain and tightened it back up before putting gas back into the pilot side tank, and put some paper down to capture any leak. I was somewhat relieved today to see that there had not been any leak onto the paper so I think last week’s leak was just down to careless drain plug installation. Hopefully no leaks will occur during the week.

And really very last, I finally tested the USB charger port on the panel and was happy to see that it works also. The memory card on the panel still doesn’t work so I may yet have to return that which will be a real pain in the derrière.

Next up – another purge of the oil line and hopefully seeing an oil pressure reading on the panel, plus a fuel flow test. And after that, who knows?