Taxi Test 2 (being the events leading up to the taxi)

On Friday I got home from work early to complete the fuel tank gauge calibration. I had previously calibrated the first 4 gallons on each tank, today I would fill both tanks up to 12 gallons.

The panel shows the current sensor reading and then for several different quantities I enter the sensor reading. At empty the sensor shows a value around 900 and gets lower as you add more fuel. Only, at around 9.5 gallons the sensor on the passenger wing started to go back up. At 12 gallons it was almost at the same value as 4g. The tank will have to be drained and the sender removed for inspection.

The following day we tied some more things up out of the way and pulled the plane out for another engine start. The aim was to see if the crimped oil and water terminals would do a better job of reading values and, if that checked out, we would test the brakes.

A quick start (the engine really does roar into life right away) showed that all the sensors were working. So we set the handbrake and, with my feet on the pedals just in case, started the engine and the plane stayed right where it was – brake success! With that confirmed there seemed no reason not to try a gentle taxi which you saw on the video. What a crazy feeling to be taxiing a few yards in an airplane that I built.

After that the plane was put back in the hangar and it was decided that beer was required to mark the occasion.