To Do List

Something I’ve been asked quite often since posting my taxi video is “how much is left”. So I thought I would share the list. Don’t worry it isn’t as bad as it looks. Probably.

I’ll maintain progress in this google doc


  • Cotter pin engine mount bolts
  • Notch oil overlflow hose
  • Final routing of overflow hoses
  • Thermal protection for sensor wires???
  • Cut scoop holes out of cowling
  • Cut hole for and install oil door
  • Safety wire exhaust springs
  • Safety wire everything


  • Insert cotter pins
  • Check tyre pressure


  • Check cable torque values


  • Forms
  • Operating Handbook
  • Weight and Balance
  • Airframe Logbook entries
  • Engine Logbook entries


  • Rivet front skin to fuselage and panel
  • Install windshield
  • Rivet/bolt top window
  • Install doors
  • Devise and install front latch for doors
  • Install side windows
  • Rivet fuel line/electrical wire channel covers
  • Install passenger seat pan
  • Install seat belts
  • Rivet arm rest cover
  • Rivet control tube cover
  • Secure pitot/static tubes where they enter from the wing
  • Add labels and placard to panel
  • Add labels to fuel tank
  • Calibrate pax gas gauge
  • Add EXPERIMENTAL decal to outside
  • Attach data plate
  • Install ELT (and test)
  • Install under fuselage access panel
  • Wrap remaining exterior of the plane