Some varied stuff

During the week I had ordered a Zenith logo decal for the baggage area thinking it might distract the eye from the mis-matched whites in the baggage area, and even if not, it would look good. So that was the first thing of the day

Zenith logo on baggage back

Next up I had bought some vinyl fabric for the panel cover and set to work cutting it to size. To help with this I used some vinyl cutting tape to mark where the window sits.

Vinyl panel covering

I will use this for the vinyl later but it has a raised surface that I could feel through the vinyl to mark where to cut. The tape is used by overlaying the sticky vinyl over it and then inside the tape is a small wire that you can pull up to make a cut right on the line. Car installers use it to create intricate patterns.

From there it was just a case of making more cuts to get it to fit. Note that the final version is back from the line because the windshield trim sits on the line and the vinyl needs to go behind it a little way.

Vinyl panel covering

I’m hopefully going to wrap the edge around the front of the panel to make a nice finish.

Vinyl panel covering

I wanted to pick a few things off the to do list so before I finished I took care of two engine mount bolts that were without cotter pins

Cotter pins added

And finally I let some air out of the tyres so that they were at their maximum 20 psi and I installed the cotter pins in there too.

Cotter pin added

This week I shall order some more vinyl and get to work on that next weekend.