Fuselage wrapping still

This weekend saw more wrapping, so this is a short post.

Allen and I finished the side wrapping on the pilot side and completed the piece over the front.

Side fuselage wrapped

That was about it for one morning’s work so the following day I returned and with Teri’s help I got the root wing skins riveted on both sides.

Wing root skin wrapped

I also filled in yet more red inside the cabin

More interior cabin wrap

Last week I had cut some vinyl fabric for a panel cover but I had cut it a bit too short. Fortunately I had enough to make a second one and this time I think I did a much better job and here is a picture of trial fitting it with the windscreen on.

Panel cover under windshield

Hard to tell what is going on, really. It is bunched up a bit where the cabin frame meets the firewall so it probably needs a bit of a trim. Hopefully next session I can get it stuck down and the windshield finally installed in place. We shall see.