Panel Cover and Oil Door

The aim for today was to finish the plane glue the panel cover down and install the windshield, maybe get the oil door done too.

First up for the panel cover I had bought some 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to stick it down with. A few minor cuts and trims and we were ready to stick it down. We did it stages and it went surprisingly easy.

Panel Cover Glued Down

Panel Cover Glued Down

It is very easy to get the spray to go everywhere so I definitely recommend masking tape and an alcohol-soaked rag nearby to clean up messes.

Allen used his knife skills to make a very accurate cut around the edge of the panel for a nice looking finish.

Panel Cover Glued Down

I aim to find some kind of rubber edging for it at some point.

We then went to install the windshield and found that it was resting on the vinyl and the side would no longer reach around to the cabin frame holes. So we had to trim away a half inch or so from the edge of the vinyl.

Had to cut panel cover back

We also trimmed the windshield trim back which meant that the very end of the trim needed to be re-glued to the windshield. Some glue and some clamps took care of that but it has to sit for a while so that was the end of the windshield install for the day.

The cowling needs two scoop holes cut. No idea why that couldn’t have already been done but it is not. To get this done two holes were drilled in the scoops to make a place where a cutting blade could start.

Two holes to get the cutting started

And then this tool was used to cut through the fibre glass and make a hole

Tool to cut the cowl scoops

Scoop Cut

I will enlarge the hole with a file.

The oil door requires the supplied metal sheet to be cut to the right shape, and bent a little to conform to the share of the cowl.

Oil door cut to shape and size

And a hole cut out of the cowling so I can get at the oil can. The hole needs a shelf for the door to sit on. Again, a couple of starter holes were drilled and then, this time, a jig saw was used to cut the hole.

Oil door access hole cut

For a fastener I have the skybolt oil door kit which uses the same receptacles as I had used on the cowling. We cut the hinge to make it a little narrower and riveted it to the cowling and the door. Finally I wrapped it in red.

Oil door installed

Oil door installed

That is probably the last of the genuine building things to do in the project. The doors may need a little work to finish but actually constructing things from parts is over, I think.