Some Finishing Items

I took today off to get some traction on my to do list, but first I had to use the heat gun on the pilot side fuselage wrapping to smooth it out over the rivets. I used to think deburring was soul destroying but that seriously takes that title.

But with the vinyl on more proper, I could put the other EXPERIMENTAL decal on. No picture since it looks the same as the other (except left to right, not right to left).

I put a label on the fuel entry area

Fuel cap labelling

I’ve mentioned this before I am sure but for my 40 hours I’m going to run 91 Unleaded petrol and then switch to 100LL if/when I dare to go beyond the local area.

I’ve been putting the ELT off for ever and I finally got down to that today, first by running the antenna into the ELT’s location.

ELT Antenna

And then it was lunchtime. It was also 102 degrees on the F scale so I decided to quit for the day, not least because I knew that the rest of the weekend was going to be much cooler.