Ready for Inspection

In preparation for my inspection tomorrow I returned to the hangar early this morning so that I could put the wing skin back on and any last minute finish up items.

I clecoed the skin into place, fired up the compressor and…. it wouldn’t build up enough pressure, wouldn’t go above 50 psi and I need 90. I tried all kinds of things but I think the regulator has gone. I just needed one more day! Ah well, I hand riveted the 70 or so rivets, no big deal except for the miserable humidity.

After that I retrieved some spare white vinyl and wrapped the skin so that the top wing is back to former glory but the under side where I took vinyl off for the fuel leak can wait. It was just too hot.

I reconnected the ELT and buckled it in behind the seat, re-tested it using the hand held radio.

Lastly I transferred a couple of gallons from the pax tank to the pilot tank so that they both have approx the same amount in them. Gauges were still reading good, no leaks.

I had planned to do a couple more labels – “day VFR only, no intentional spins” for the panel, and one for the coolant overflow bottle listing the contents (the Rotax manual says to do this). I will maybe do those while the inspection is on, or maybe I will wait to see if they get brought up. Easy to fix on the spot.

And with that, this seven year project is ready for her final grade – 7am tomorrow it all begins.

Certified for inspection

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