Fear of Flying

I’m sure you have noticed (if there is even anyone still looking) that there haven’t been any updates in a quite a long time and while you might think I’m too busy enjoying my newly-minted STOL to post, sadly the opposite is the case.

I have a bit of a fear of flying. Or rather I have a bit of a fear of instigating the act of flying. Once in the air I have confidence in my abilities and knowing my limitations, and usually I absolutely love it. But getting to the runway and pushing the throttle in is hard. And has been hard now for several years. In fact my first flight back in September was my first solo flight in five years.

So all this is to say that since that first flight I’ve not been back up, which is a terrible shame (not to mention a terrible waste) as I would be out of Phase 1 by now and terrorising bugs in the air all around So Cal. I will get over it at some point, but until then I go out from time and start her up, even taxi around a bit to exercise the engine… and say to myself that tomorrow will be the day for sure.

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