Back to the drawing board

The followIng day I went back to the hangar to run the engine a while and get my confidence up that everything was good. Also, there was some thought there was some bad gas in the system and running it might clear it out.

I started it up, fired first time and let it warm up at 2000 rpm for two minutes. Next I increased to 2500 to get the engine up to temperature and I could see some minor vibrations and before I could get too disappointed I could see fuel splashing over the firewall.

I shut the engine down and took a look, the float valve overflow on the pilot side was full of fuel. Back to square one (well not quite, the other carburetor wasn’t overflowing).

So I doused everything in petrol, lit a match and flicked it over my shoulder as I walked away. Yippe Ki Yay…..

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