Wing Tip Prep (1hr 30m)

The last two remaining items before the wing is finished are installing the wing tip and drilling the root skin (though it won’t get installed until the wing is fit to the fuselage).

The root skin starts by taking the wing root angle and bending it around the root rib. The angle is completely straight so this is achieved by flattening one end of it with a plastic hammer.

And then to curve the metal, you put crimps in the flange. I got to use another new tool to do the crimping.

It was at this point I realised that I need the i/b nose skin bent back over and I don’t want to do that until the fuel tank is ready to be sealed in. So I set the angle aside and looked over the wing tip.

At Christmas time my Dad and I had looked at putting the wing tip in place and it looked to be a bit tough to get it in place. It did take some moving around, pushing and shoving but I finally got the tip in what looked to be the right place and I first drilled pilot holes through the pre-drilled holes in the skins, and then opened up for an A4 rivet.

Not sure why all this took 90 minutes but that’s what the log says.