Top Skin Finish (45m)

The temperatures have picked up, the mild winter seems to have given up already, and time is running out to get the wings done before it is too hot to continue. Which is all a way to say I need to get a bloody move on! And so…

To stop the top skin from flexing I built up the cork strips some more on top of the skin and I also made sure to add strips to the bottom of the tank so that the skin would not be touching the tank.
Prior to putting the top skin back on, the fuel channel was riveted in place.

The top skin went on, finally ready to rivet to the ribs though only on the trailing edge and outboard sides.

And riveted, the fuel tank is now safe and secure. Let’s hope it doesn’t need us to take a look inside.

Final act of the day was to ground the fuel sender and attach the sender wire.

All that’s left now is to bend the nose skin back over, rivet and drill the root skin for installation much later.