A Wing Stand for my Wing

Several people have been discussing where to store their completed parts and of particular interest to me was what to do with my pilot wing. My garage ceiling has garage door openers so no space there, I don’t trust myself to put it on a ceiling inside the house so I was getting ready to put my name down on the (expensive) hangar waiting list. But then someone posted a document to a build it yourself wing stand.

All you need is some wood, some plywood (but I used chipboard that I had laying around), some wheels and some straps. Step 1 was to put together the base.

Add some smaller pieces for attaching some straps

Put some wheels on

Add some plywood strengtheners to each end, then nail some tie down straps to make a place for the wing to rest.

Finally the tricky part was to pick the wing up off the saw horses and tip it up onto the stand. Teri and I carefully picked it up and after having to rearrange things to make room to get out of the garage, the wing was resting snugly on the stand.

Then, I wheeled the stand into the garage.

For now it is where the build takes place so we need to find a space to put it on the other side. Once that is done I can get the right wing spar out and get cracking on the second wing. Summer is coming, temps are already bouncing off the high 80s, I want the wings done before it is too hot and I stop for the summer.