And So the Right Wing Begins (1 hr)

Since the last post we had to give the garage a big tidy up in order to find space to put the wing stand out of the way. That got done and I was able to get the right wing spar out of the crate. At the time I thought it was the last thing in the crate but I later discovered it was not.

So the right wing is of course a copy of the left wing. In reverse. Without the pitot tubes. And so you could just go to my Flickr photo page and look at the pictures in a mirror and we would be done. That works for you but sadly I can’t do any such trick to actually assemble the thing.

All I got done today was identifying the proper ribs locations

and clecoed them to the spar with their proper size holes.

I also drilled the holes for the tie down

and assembled the rear channel