Nose Skin (1hr 40)

I’m pretty much shut down for the summer but today was not that hot (99F or less) though I knew it would be very humid, so I figured I’d try and do a little bit on the wing. Now I am fortunate that I have a mistake that, today at least, works in my favour. The nose skin comes in two “halves”, an outbound and an inbound portion and it seems that i/b one goes on top of the o/b (they overlap by an inch).. but in my excitement on the bottom side of the wing I have the o/b on top and I have decided just to live with it. It makes no difference aerodynamically but will be a major pain if I want to get at the wing tip at some point.

How does this help me, you ask? Well the i/b skin is quite small and I can bend it around the nose ribs without help, something not very easy to do with the much larger o/b one. So, since I was on my own this meant I could make a start with the nose skins.

First off, I pushed the nose skin around and under the top skin, using tape to keep it in place. Then out with the ratchet straps to cinch it tight against the ribs.

You can see a nice tight fit here (and this is the rib that overlaps with the other skin).

Then I drilled pilot holes through the nose skin into the spar and ribs, and then opened them up to their final size, 20 for the spar, 30 elsewhere.

Nothing more I can do with the nose skin until someone can help with the other one, so I switched gears to the wing tip. Before I can install that, there are a couple of L-angles that get riveted to the skeleton. I’m really not sure what they are for, I suspect that are to protect against the wing tip being blown or pushed inward but for this next part I am just following orders.

So I cut two l-angles, drill pilot holes and then clamp them in the right place. One goes on the rear channel, the other on the spar tip. Clamped in place, I drilled pilot holes through the skeleton piece and then opened them up to size 30 for an A4 rivet. Some deburring, some priming and some hand riveting and they are installed. First the rear channel

and the one on the spar tip

It’s real hard to see what is going on here. I did the same on the other wing, maybe there are better pictures there. Or maybe you don’t care, I wouldn’t blame you.

Finally, I decided to have a go at the wing tip. This was a real fiddly bugger on the other wing and it proved to be the same here. I was already drenched from the humidity and every time I bent over to fiddle, lots of sweat would fall of me on to the plane and so I decided a better idea would be to stop and have a beer. So I sneaked an hour and some when I didn’t expect to, maybe I can do some more before the summer is over.