Inboard Nose Skin (45m)

It’s still very much too hot to be building but the wing has been taunting me for weeks so I asked Teri to help fold over the nose skin today so that it would start to look like a wing. It didn’t take long to bend it over and tape it in place and I’m quite the pro now at getting the ratchet straps on. A few tightenings and it mostly looked good.

I then went round with the #40 drill bit and drilled pilot holes in every other hole and clecoed in place.

These holes all need to be opened up to their final sizes, A5 for holes in the spar, A4 everywhere else. After that, it will be fuel tank time.

In other news I have made it to the top of the hangar waiting list and went to look at a couple last Friday. The upshot is that one “has my name on it”, just have to procure some insurance and go to City Hall and make the application. I could be renting by the end of the month! As soon as I have a signed agreement I will order the final (airframe) kits, maybe we’ll be on the fuselage by Thanksgiving??