Nose Skins and Wing Tips (2 hr)

Still very hot but much more of a “dry heat” so I stole a few moments this weekend to progress the wings along.

First, I had a go at tightening the tip end of the o/b nose skin as it buckling a tiny bit at the overlap with the other skin, but I didn’t make much of an impact. I will see what can be done when we re-fold the skin for riveting. But before we can rivet we need to drill. As is the way of the build, first we drill all those holes with the size 40 drill bit.

And then to their final size…. any rivet going into the spar gets an A5, everything else is A4.

After the wing tip has been positioned we’ll take all those clecos out and deburr prior to reassembly (after the fuel tank).

Speaking of the wing tip, I was able to wrestle that into position this morning. Seems like it took less time than with the other wing, no doubt because the frustrations of the last time were very much in my mind. I wanted it to look the same as the other wing but I wasn’t able to get to the other wing as it was behind a lot of boxes so I did what looked good to me today. Hopefully it is the same as what looked good last time. Here it is ready for some A4 rivets.

Next up for the wing tip is to drill the holes for the navigation light bracket. Once that is done, the skins will be unfolded ready for wiring the lights and installing the fuel tank.