Outboard End of the Wing

I really have to get this wing finished! I spent a while trying to get the fuel sender in the fuel tank, still no joy so I figured I would work on the other end.

To try and cut a long story short the wing tip is not flat, it bulges out a bit in the middle so the nav light mount isn’t flat and so the light won’t snap onto it. I asked for suggestions: fibreglass filler, heat gun to reshape the tip, neoprene backing. I tried the latter and it didn’t make any difference so I went back to a straight mounting and I eventually got it on good and tight. I won’t tell you how I did it because it involved a LOT of cursing. Anyway, here it is

With the lights on I could crimp the wire connections. Pretty sure this will catch fire the minute I turn the battery on but at least it will look pretty when it does.

Only thing to do now is cover this mess up with a sheet of metal and we just happen to have one hanging off the edge here. So out with the straps to bring the nose skin in nice and tight.

Rivet gun out, and the nose skin is firmly in place.

Lastly, a few rivets into the wing tip and the outboard side of the wing is complete.

Here’s a view from a bit further along the wing, I need to get i/b skin folded in but first I need to get the fuel tank in. And before that, the blasted fuel sender inside the tank. Next week for sure.