Fuel Tank and Top Skin (2h 30m)

This weekend is do or give up time with the wing, we want to be able to move everything to the hangar next weekend. I did battle with the fuel sender again, this time I won (this battle anyway, can’t help think the war was lost long ago).

I got the tube of nasty fuel-safe thread sealant and applied liberal dollops of it over the screws and also on the threads of the drain plug, the fuel line outlet and the fuel return line blocker. Once inside the tank I made a couple of ground wires and attached them to the appropriate places on the fuel tank.

There’s a line of rivets from the top skin into the fuel channel so first I marked a line on the channel for where the rivets would go.

and then covered it with the top skin and redrew the line on the skin. If you think about it, you’ll work out how.

With the line in place I drilled holes through both skin and channel.

Prior to riveting, a little deburring and a bit of primer and everything was reinstalled into the wing.

A quick whip round with the hand riveter and we are one big step closer to closing this puppy up.

Once the nose skin is riveted, we’ll transport the wings and everything else to the hangar. There is still the root skin to prepare and install, so that might get done before but most likely not.