Nose Skin (1 hr)

It’s Cattle Call weekend here in Brawley, enjoyed a nice parade this morning, had some lunch and just as I was about to have a nap, I saw sense and decided to finish the nose skin.

With Teri’s help, we pulled the inboard nose skin up and over and taped it on top of the top skin. Took out 5 ratchet straps this time and pulled the skin in tight so that the previously drilled holes lined up.

For a brief moment I thought about riveting with the hand gun again but that would have just been to prove a point (what point I don’t know) so Sparky the compressor was fired up and I made quick work of the riveting.

The wing looks like a wing again! I just know I’m going to have to open it up and that will kill me but for now I am a proud wing parent (again).

Tomorrow we will place it in the wing stand and hopefully next weekend we can move everything to the hangar.