Fuel Filler Trim (15m)

The wings aren’t moving to the hangar until next weekend so I decided I would do one more thing before we put the second wing in the stand: the fuel filler trim (or whatever it should really be called).

I positioned the trim piece over the fuel filler neck and traced a line where it would need to be cut to prevent it from overlapping the nose skin. Trimmed it with the snips, filed it down a bit and drilled it in position.

Opened the holes to A4 rivet size, deburred and riveted.

Then later that day we put the wing into the stand.

I think we have decided that the stand probably isn’t up to the transport job and we may move the wings outside of it, we’ll see. Everything is now in the hangar except the wings and the tail, oh and anything laying around that we forgot (like the acetone and primer).