Hangar Moving Day

The day finally arrived to move the last of the heavy iron to the hangar. One of my brother-in-laws donated the free use of a trailer and another volunteered his truck and his time so with such gracious offers we were set for the move.

I had thought that we would transport the wings outside of the stand as I doubted the stand’s ability to keep it together for the drive but Curtis had a faith in it that I am sure wasn’t warranted and so in the end the wings went in the stand.

In the end, the wing stand held together a lot better than my nerves did.

We took a slow trip along the outskirts of town where traffic was light and the roads smooth. And then we arrived at Hangar 2.

Unloading the wings, we put the left one on the saw horses so that it can be worked on next (have to replace the root rib with the edition 3 version) and the other back in the stand.

Since then we have returned and put the wing on the bench, neither of us thought it was resting very easily on the horses.

Of course the wings weren’t the only items being taken to the hangar. The two parts of the tail were also in the trailer

This weekend we’ll try to straighten things out so it is easier to work in, I think we need an upright shelf to put things on, for instance. And in the meantime, Fed Ex is speeding the fuselage kit towards us, current estimated delivery date is Nov 26th…