Three Years On

(I was in Japan for work when this happened but have backdated the post)

The very first cut was made in a rudder part three years ago today. Since then I have logged 287 hours doing something related to getting this project in the air. The pace got picked up last year, did 120 hours compared to 167 in the whole of the first two years. I suspect most of this was when my Dad was here over Christmas and we worked on the rear fuselage.

Seems like I have made good progress, the fuselage is almost kinda done although when I look at what is left it almost feels like I’m not even halfway through. Engine installation and avionics are a complete mystery as to how long those will take. But I really am hopeful that by the end of this year it will be on the wheels and people can push me around the airport while I make the appropriate noises.

For now though it is miserably hot so everyone enjoy their summer!