And we’re back…. almost

Summer is done, good bye and good riddance, I think we are done with 100 degrees for the season so it is time to get back into the hangar and see what has been going on in there.

So yesterday I went to take a look and couldn’t get in. We’ve had some crazy storms in the last month including some really strong winds that destroyed some structures, and I think the wind may have bent the latch on my hangar lock. You can’t really see from this picture but the loop that the lock goes through is bent and so I can’t get the lock to go through it.

Of course any tools I might want to use are inside the hangar! I’ll go back today and take another look but I may have to get the airport FBO to go do something to open it. I’m curious to see what is inside, I’m expecting a lot of dust but hoping someone kept working on it and it is finished 🙂