Doors and Windows Prep (3 hr)

A while back I wanted to do the doors but you can’t really install the doors until the windshield is in place. But there are some things you can do to get ready. For example, there is this doubler strip that is installed on both sides

This was the first time I wished I had invested in a rivet fan. Ah well, not that hard to keep moving the ruler along. These steel striker angles go on the frame and are where the door striker goes up against to (hopefully, but not always in the 750) keep the door shut in flight.

Before installing them I painted them since they are in the cockpit but, depending on how tight the striker is against the angle, I can see that might have been a waste of time. (today’s blurry photo)

I marked the location of the top window on the fuselage.

and positioned the window until I got what looked like a good fit that matched the ribs curve and didn’t overlap the rivets on the fuselage skin. Once happy with the position I marked the location of the rivet holes (too bad I didn’t have a white sharpie).

To drill the windows it is recommended that you use a drill bit specially made for acrylic – one with a 60 degree tip. A regular bit might crack the plastic.

The guide calls for the usual stepping up in drill bit sizes but Allen had suggested I just go for the right size first – why double the cracking risk? So with that advice in mind, I went straight for the number 40 bit (which was not much choice since I didn’t have a smaller one anyway) and with heart beating a little bit faster, drilled the holes into the window. I found that if I didn’t press down on the window when I drilled I would hear a cracking sound as the drill went in which I didn’t much like. Anyway, all holes were drilled without incident.

I then set the front window into place but this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It doesn’t “just fit” like it seems that it should. The top part is curved such that it looks like it should snug up against the cabin frame tube but it does not. I think the top window may need to be trimmed just a bit at the front to get out of the way but even with it off I couldn’t find a position for the window that worked.

There’s a rubber trim that goes on the bottom of the windscreen and I completely failed to slip it on so that was my cue to give up for the day. I’m hoping Allen will find some time to come out and give his skilled engineering eye over the situation and come up with a plan.