Windshield Installation Preparation (2 hr)

Today was the last day that I could get Allen’s help before the summer break and with a hard stop deadline I wanted to get any and all window trimming done while he was around. Because of that there are no pictures of any of the work. That and the fact that Allen refuses to be in them.

So the day consisted of trimming the top window so that it fit nicely with the windshield
Trimmed windows to fit

You can also see that, after some trimming, the windshield fits much nicer on the cabin frame tube now, there’s a good chance of getting some screws into the top that actually hit some of the frame!

We assembled the side trims on the windshield and sanded down the windshield edges so that they fit snug on the cabin frames. Also, took a chunk out of the top of the trims so that they lay flat on the metal edge that is up there.
Windshield side trim

After Allen had left, I finally got the rubber trim on.
Windshield in place

It was at this point that Teri noticed a scratch on the windshield. There was a tear in the plastic covering, something must have rubbed up against it at some point and gone into both plastic and windshield.
Scratch in windshield

It isn’t deep but it sure is depressing. Not worth spending $7-800 on a new one but a shame that my baby is already damaged and she hasn’t even been out side the hangar.

I’m ready (physically, if not mentally) to start making the holes for rivets and screws into the windows. I have one question outstanding for Zenith, which is to check that there isn’t anything that keeps the bottom of the windshield in place. Right now the lower corners are pretty loose, not sure if that is because we have done it wrong, or maybe the air flow keeps it down? Also, we didn’t trim the corner back so maybe that would also help if there was less plastic there. Looking at the builders site I see a couple of people have put some kind of screw/nut there but most do not.

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