Throttle Bellcrank (1h 30m)

I knew I wouldn’t be up for drilling into the windshield so back to the firewall side of things and putting a few things on before the engine comes out of the crate.

The throttle bellcrank goes across the firewall but is obstructed by some metal flanges so I had to take a nick out of them with the snips.
Making room for the throttle bellcrank

The bellcrank sits inside two bearings, one on each side of the firewall. The video suggests using two of the existing rivet holes so I needed to knock out a couple of rivets. I had to laugh when I noticed that I pulled my rivets from inside so I’d have to get in under the windshield and front skin to get them out. Always making hard work for myself!
Need to remove a rivet for the throttle bearing

I clecoed the bearings in place, trial fit the bellcrank and, using a piece of extrusion that is needed later, made sure the bearing was perpendicular to the firewall and drilled the other hole.
Trial fit of throttle bellcrank in bearing

The throttle cable comes through the firewall into the firewall attach which is secured onto the firewall with a doubler. Here they all are with some holes drilled in them.
Pilot hole drilled throttle attach and doublers

Their position is determined by lining up the holes in the bellcrank with the attach.
Determining the position for the throttle attach

Once the attach was in position I drilled the holes into the doubler and firewall, and the doubler into the attach.
Drilled out throttle attach and throttle doubler

And that was that for this Sunday in May.

Update: After updating my spreadsheets, I notice that today I passed the 400 hour mark.