Engine Mount Completion- (1 hr)

I intended to finish the engine mount today in case I could find some crazy people to spend half a day in a metal box when its 110F outside, and I got pretty close. Everything is done bar the cotter pins.

The final work to do for the mount was to expand the centre holes in the front mounting piece for the rubber shocks to fit inside. The step bit made short work of that and, after some deburring of all the holes, I had everything assembled.

Engine Mount

The castle nuts take a cotter pin but after torquing them to the prescribed amount I wasn’t sure if there was too much thread showing for the pin to properly cover.

Engine Mount

If I loosen it a little so there is less thread it seems a little too loose so I decided to ask around before I put the pin through and bend it.

The other remaining task is to shorten and round off the mounts. I had a quick go with the grinding wheel and it will go pretty easily, so that is something else to do before the engine comes out of the box.

But other than the pins, the grinding and the heat (did I mention the heat?!), we are ready for the engine.