Category: Planning

Wiring Planning

Something else I did last weekend is make a sketch of my electrical components so that I could start to gather information on wire sizes, lengths, connections etc. Hopefully I can flesh it out over the Christmas break.

Day 31: More left inboard flaperon (1hr 30m)

Got a late start so did not do as much as I had anticipated, really thought I’d be done with the flaperons today (pending the replacement parts). Really not much to say… drilled out the holes in the control horn…

Engine Choices

In preparation for the day I have to choose an engine I’ve started a page for engine comparisons. You can find it over there on the right. No the right in this direction ~~~~~~~~~~> !

Ordered The Rudder!

Well, I went and did it – I ordered the rudder starter kit from Zenith, along with some of the hand tools that I need to do the assembly. No idea how long it will take to arrive, I’ve had…