Transition Training

I’m back from two days of 750 training with Buzz Flight Academy in Lawrenceberg, TN and I’m very happy to say that flying the 750 is a blast. Phew! I’m going to put up a more detailed post about it later but just to say that it took a little while to fight my desire to move the stick – “never move the stick” is one of the major things I learned. It is all rudder and a few gentle nudges.

But after a couple of hours I was nailing the majority of my landings (very different technique to the Cessna 172) and at the end of 5 hours I was enjoying steep turns in the pattern to a landing, something I would never do in the 172. If my bird flies like Buzzy’s it is going to be a blast.

Throughout most of the training there were at least two, sometimes three, cameras on so I am curious to see the footage. They often put edited highlights on their Youtube page but they also said they will send me a CD with everything on. Either way I’ll post some video here when I have it, but in the meantime Teri captured the start of one of the afternoon sessions.

And yes we flew with the doors off because it was do damned hot and sticky – and much to my surprise I loved it.