Wayne Huk RIP

I learned with much sadness last weekend that my friend and fellow builder, Wayne Huk, had unexpectedly passed away in April. As you may recall, Teri and I visited him two summers ago at his home in Canada where he and his wife was fantastic hosts and I got to see his plane build and take a ride over the valley.

Me and Wayne in front of his plane

Over the few years we became friends he offered me much good advice and helped talk me out of many plots to burn the whole thing down. I am sad that I won’t get to share with him my adventures and trials and tribulations. And I’m sad that he never got to enjoy the fruits of his labour, I know he had been so looking forward to touring Canada, and even making a trip all the way down south to visit.

Of course, I’m especially sad for the loving wife he lives behind.

Tailwinds, my friend.