Flight 2: As if it was the first

Over a year after the first flight I finally took N750PS up for her second flight. I really thought I would have had the 40 hours flown off by the end of November but some bad weather, a few guests and it was easy not to make it out to the hangar at all.

Given the length of time between flights this was pretty much a first flight again and I’m pleased to say the plane performed very well. Take off rpm was too high so since this flight I have increased the propellor pitch a little. Rudder input still seems too sensitive but I think that may be just a matter of getting used to it.

I’m quite disappointed with the landing but I hadn’t flown ANYTHING in over a year so it isn’t surprising that I didn’t get the landing picture right. Otherwise it was pretty good, a fairly stable (though air speed too high) approach, right on the runway, just rounded out too soon. The plane lost lift too high above the ground and so it was a solid landing.

Unfortunately the side camera battery had run out so I don’t have a side view to see exactly what happened. Next time I need to properly focus my gave down to the end of the runway and begin my flare at the right time. My plan is go grab a CFI and do some landings in the Cessna to get my picture back (though I know it is a very different experience in the Zenith).

Anyway I finally have more than an hour of Phase 1 done – whoo hoo!

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