100 Hours

Somewhat coincidentally, the finishing of the tail came at 100 hours into the project. So far I have completed:

  • the rudder
  • the horizontal stabilizer
  • the elevator
  • the slats
  • the flaperons

and have started on the wings by assembling the slat supports to the wings nose ribs. I’m pretty impressed by the amount of metal I have put together though I suspect I could probably have saved myself 20 hours if I had been more careful.

Though it doesn’t really look like an airplane yet, will maybe have to wait for the fuselage for that.

Finally, as I said in the previous post I had to empty the space to make room for some furniture and by the time I was done it looks like there has never been a rivet in the place.

Side note: the astute amongst you may have noticed that the project costs have gone down just over $2k. I was reviewing my costs spreadsheet and noticed I had double charged part of the wings kit so the damage to the bank is a little less than I had thought.