Day 69: Wing Spar (20m)

Back after a little break with some small amount of wing building. We had a new floor put down in our living room and we needed the garage space for furniture so I had to break everything down, put things away and for a couple of weeks I was able only to read the photo guide and watch the video. But no more, we are back in action and the first big change is that I’ve switched to saw horses.

Writing this a couple of weeks after I took these pictures I can say that I really like the saw horse idea as I can move the spar over or on its side, whatever makes it easy to get a drill or rivet gun into.

I didn’t do much this day, just laid out the ribs on the spar to make the skeleton.

Station 1 takes a slat support

And here are most of the rear and nose ribs cleco’d to the spar

Of course by now we know that we’ll have to expand the holes, deburr and rivet before this thing is over.