Forward fuselage riveting (1.5 hr)

Started out the day by dismantling the baggage back area so that I can start to think about antennae. Also, the very top holes in the baggage back are too tight with the top skin to get any rivet gun on; it has to be riveted outside the frame. So, the build is back to looking how it did all the way back in January 🙁

For reasons I don’t yet understand the video suggests that you only rivet the rear half of the forward fuselage, so thats what I did but I don’t really see why I can’t do the rest yet. Everything was assembled and I realised that there are a couple of l-angles on the cabin skin that are impossible to rivet with the sides on.

After that I put the sides back on and, starting at one end/side, slowly began riveting all the way around. Some of the rivets on the gear channel have to be pulled from the underside and some of the rib flanges are next to impossible from the top so they got riveted from underneath. Everything else got riveted from the top. Here are some pictures, yeah they are kind of boring.

And that was that for the day.