Rudder Pedals and Brakes (2 h)

After putting the wheels on, it almost feels like the project is “done”, should take it easy for a while. Or maybe its because the next things are scary, wiring up the controls and putting on an engine are definitely new things for me.

Speaking of the engine, I got a quote from Zenith this week for the Rotax 912ULS and firewall forward kit. Ouch doesn’t cover it (especially since the price had gone up $800 since last May), but I will hold my nose and send them a cheque next week. Lead time is 2-3 weeks they say.

Back to today, I put the rudder pedals and the brakes in the fuselage. First, I noticed that I had not enlarged the bolt hole where the pedals attach to the brake cylinders so I enlarged those.

Then I slowly added each of the pieces into the fuselage for a trial fit. At one point I had the brakes in upside down (despite it being quite obvious from the upside down writing on the outside) so it was a slow process. Eventually I had everything where it needed to be so I riveted and put in bolts where applicable.

The pedals brackets get bolts, but the brake brackets get A5 rivets.

And here’s a somewhat dizzy-making picture of where the brakes attach to the pedals. Note that I haven’t put in any cotter pins yet and there is still room to adjust the pedal pitch once I’m able to gauge the comfort.