Front Torque Tube Bearing (1 hr)

Didn’t get much done this holiday weekend but a little progress here and there. I riveted the fairing into the bearing support

And then I back drilled into the torque tube bearing supports to position them on the seat channel.

THIS IS A MISTAKE – DO NOT DO THIS!!! To be fair, the photo guide says nothing about how to do this, and the video doesn’t do it this way so why I thought this was a good idea I don’t know. Anyway, if you install these on the centre lines, the torque tube bearing will not sit snug on the supports. The only way to get this right is to have all three pieces loose and clamp and nudge until you get something you can work with. The holes in the supports are very close to the middle.

You are trying to get it so that the torque tube doesn’t touch the hole in the seat channel.

I turned the supports around so I could have another go with the un-ruined edge and was able to get something that works. I drilled the bolt holes from the sides, put the arm rests in the fuselage and opened the holes to their proper sizes.

Lastly I was going to bolt the bearing to the supports but nowhere can I find which bolts to use! There is nothing I can see in the plans or in the photo guides.