Delays, delays, delays

Things have crawled to a halt here at Hangar Number 2.

  • The FWF kit was supposed to ship last week but Zenair never sent it to Zenith, and now they say it will be another 5 weeks before they receive the next shipment. This is a problem because….
  • Sometime within the next 2-3 weeks, access to my hangar will be cut off for approximately 10 weeks while the airport taxiways are resurfaced (yeah, I know 10 weeks, wth!). This will make it impossible to deliver the crate to the hangar.
  • I’ll be in the UK for the next two weekends, no build time available between now and the hangar access closing
  • The heat is rushing in, had some days in the 90s already, by the time the hangar work is complete it will be July and mostly too hot to work until the Autumn

So the great progress we saw at the beginning of the year has pretty much stopped for the summer already. Had the FWF kit arrived I think we would have had the engine hung before the break. If I’d had the time I think I would have gotten the wings cleaned up and possibly mounted to the fuse. Both things now have to wait.

It is going to have to be a busy autumn/winter build season to get this thing in the air by the end of next year (aiming to fly it before my 50th birthday in December).

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